Fall Foliage

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the trees around Miami are losing their leaves faster than we can say Turkey time! Before winter’s chill settles in and snow blankets the landscape, let’s look back at some of the vibrant fall colors that painted our beautiful campus this autumn. All photos and captions by Gia Mariani.

Microplastic Contaminants in Personal Care Products

BY: GRACE BERRY Plastic pollution in the oceans is a well known problem. We’ve all seen pictures and videos of plastics choking marine wildlife or of giant masses of plastics floating across miles of open ocean. The problem of plastic in the ocean goes deeper, however, and is made worse every time we wash our … More Microplastic Contaminants in Personal Care Products

Crunching the Numbers

Is the Miami farm viable without significant university support? BY: FIONA LAWLER The Miami University Institute for Food farm will be in a tough position this fall if it doesn’t grow revenue from its community supported agriculture program, sales to university dining and the community, grants and other funding. The institute’s mission is teaching students … More Crunching the Numbers

How You Can Save a Farm, Eat Better, Help the Climate

As the Miami University farm struggles financially, hope abounds in CSA programs, regenerative growing and one tough farmer BY: SARA COY Just down the road from the precise brick buildings that make up Miami University, the beauty continues in a different way at the school’s Institute for Food farm. On this 8-acre farm, Miami students … More How You Can Save a Farm, Eat Better, Help the Climate