What Eating Organic Does For Your Body

By: Jackie Dutkanych Oftentimes organic produce has more nutrients and antioxidants than non-organic produce. This is because non-organic fruits and vegetables are treated with chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives that strip away nutrients. When produce is treated with these toxic chemicals, they remain on our foods even after being washed. Switching to eating organic produce will … More What Eating Organic Does For Your Body

Hello MOON

If you live in the Oxford area you might have heard of MOON Co-Op.  MOON, a natural food cooperative, stands for Miami Oxford Organic Network. The term co-op means the store is a community, not corporation, owned business that is managed by its members.  MOON was started by a group of parents who wanted to … More Hello MOON

Farmer’s Market Uptown

Folk music played in background as students, families, and neighbors came together to enjoy the homegrown foods and unique merchandise offered by local farmers. Every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. the city of Oxford hosts a farmers market for the community. The market boasts numerous fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade candles, live music, … More Farmer’s Market Uptown