The Christmas Cactus

With its funny genus name, Schlumbergera, the Christmas cactus is a lovely plant to care for, and enjoyable to learn about. These tropical cacti are native to Brazil, where they grow in mountains and on top of other plants. In Brazil they bloom around Easter, but in Ohio’s climate they flower around Thanksgiving and Christmas. … More The Christmas Cactus

Nature’s Mulch and More: The Many Hats Leaves Wear

Walking around Miami University’s campus is so gorgeous now that the leaves are turning. It is a pity to see all the pretty leaves and know that they will soon be gone forever—well, most of them, anyway! Hopefully the following tips can help you preserve and utilize the leaves you are especially fond of during … More Nature’s Mulch and More: The Many Hats Leaves Wear

Late Harvest

A quick reminder to fans of all things small and crunchy: it is not too late to plant miniature radishes and carrots! I have rummaged around my house to find a couple large, wide containers. One of the containers is filled close to the top with soil from my back yard, while the other’s soil … More Late Harvest